The Media And Health And Safety Of The World's Population

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Over the years, the advances in science have increased the health and safety of the world’s population. Through the introduction of vaccines, medicines, and other medical equipment, the scientific world has prevented the spread of diseases, the possibility of an epidemic, and another devastating pandemic in history like the black plague. Although vaccines provide a resistance to diseases, many people question the safety of them. There is a famous theory that vaccines cause autism due to the chemicals within the vaccines, even though scientific evidence denies any connection. One of the reasons that this theory still exists is due to the portrayal of information from the media. Based on the opinion of the media outlet, the depiction of the vaccine-autism link changes throughout society. The media is typically the main source of information for citizens, whether they watch a news channel, read a newspaper, check online newspapers, or listen to the radio, these news outlet supply our population with the basis of knowledge on all topics. Not many people in this audience will conduct their own research, this means that the original data and information is usually summarized and changed to fit the opinion of the media outlet. Some celebrities, like Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen, picked up on the issue and helped spread the theory; as the media followed their stories, the idea of the connection continued to spread. The debate about whether vaccines cause autism illustrates the
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