The Media And It 's Impute On Body Image

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Dias 1 Felisha Dias Honors English 10 Period 2 18 March 2015 The Media and It’s Impute on Body Image There are no questions to whether the media has influenced the self-consciousness people have on their body or not. Whether it is the front of a magazine cover or in a film or television show, the selection of models or actors are primarily thin or fit leading readers and viewers to worry or want to change the way their body looks. Body image is the way one sees oneself and imagine how one looks. Having a positive body image means that most of the time someone sees themselves accurately, and feels comfortable in their body; negative body image, what the media exemplifies for the majority of the time, is just the opposite. The media uses unrealistic standards of beauty and bodily perfection to drive ordinary people to be dissatisfied with their body image which can result in the search to obtain these unreachable goals. With the constant availability of the media’s opinion, it may be hard for someone to accept their body image, but it is defiantly possible. Athletes, female in particular, like Serena Williams, struggled with body image, but later found their bodies to be a reflection of their performance on the court, field or track. They are focused on one thing only: becoming better at what they do and if that means spending some time on the bench lifting weights to gain muscle Dias 2 to improve their game, then who cares how they look (Rothenberg 2). At the end of the

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