The Media And Its Effect On Our Views And Beliefs

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Every person is influenced one way or another by popular culture. Popular culture is a force that “reflects and influences people 's way of life” . It is a part of our society, and culture. The media and advertisements play big roles in shaping our views and beliefs. They are the “ideas and images that inform our daily activities” (5). Simply, Americans learn what types of behaviors are acceptable and appropriate and desirable. Advertisements affect the way we dress, talk, eat, play, and interact. Advertisements affect the way we see the world. Unilever is an international corporation that manufactures Axe deodorant and body sprays. With sales over $100 million, teenage boys use Axe regularly. To market their products, Unilever…show more content…
To some, this may be a wild accusation. The girls in the ads are just attractive and want to have good times. This is a fair argument. But if you watch the “Axe Effect” several times, you realize one thing. These women do not exhibit a single human characteristic. Like animals that smell food, these women are running across mountains, sprinting through jungles, and swimming across the ocean to prey on a guy who is spraying two bottles of Axe². Like dogs, they are able to smell Axe from five, ten, twenty, and forty miles. They move and act through their animal instincts. The “Axe Effect” reinforces Pozner 's claim that girls are told to “diminish themselves” and “be less than what they are” (110). As hundreds of women have lost their self-control over eight ounces of cheap and fake perfume, this commercial teaches girls that it 's okay to publicly lust and lose self-control over a guy. To win a guy, a girl only has to look beautiful and she must diminish her humanity and personality. Nothing else should matter to a girl. In society, only beautiful women can get anywhere in life. Pozner state that we live in a “toxic cultural environment” as everyone is “surrounded by unhealthy images about sex and relationships” . In a toxic cultural environment, people are influenced to make harmful choices. The “Axe Effect” dehumanizes women into sex objects. To some, this may be a wild exaggeration. You can believe the “Axe Effect” does not promote these values or harm the
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