The Media And Its Effect On The Society

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On April 29th, 2013, two rivaling gangs, the Valley Hood Piru and the East Union Street Hustlers, claiming stakes to the Central District of Seattle, result in the shooting of two victims. Ronald “Messy” Massey, a member of the East Union Street Hustlers, was reported to have shot two members of the rivaling gang at a local convenient store (Vaughn, 2013). Reports suggest that the shooting was accredited to the gangs ' "violent clashes in the past” and possibly Massey’s intent in solidifying his standing as a gang member (Fucoloro, 2013). Furthermore, detectives believe that Massey may have been pressured to prove his loyalty (Vaughn, 2013). The media emphasizes that the rising intensity of the rivalry is the main factor that is resulting in the increase of gang activities, but the lack of questioning by the media on the possible causal factors that lead to the crime limits the understanding of the motives.
The media misplaces confidence in the judgments of the SPD, by only questioning for details of the specific shooting and not the factors that may have caused it. The media simply accepting the SPD 's claim that the rising tensions are causing the outbreak in violence is resulting in the legitimacy of the SDP 's response. The SPD 's response is increasing level of enforcement practiced based on the claim that reducing the number gang members on the street will prevent gang violence. The solution given is only short-term because “lasting progress in the fight against gang

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