The Media And Its Effects On Society

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In the modern era, the influence of the media has seeped into every portion of individual lives. The media has consistently broadcasted strongly patriarchal messages, which work to degrade women. This idea can be seen in the need of a news broadcaster to point out the fact that a doctor, lawyer, or any person in a position of power is female. Sexism, as a system of privilege, is so deeply rooted in our society that young girls cannot avoid its messages. The affects of these messages are starkly negative and directly correlate with educational gender gaps. The media overly and wrongly sexualizes women causing harsh negative mental consequences and educational deficits, which can only be rectified by abolishing single sex classrooms and teaching girls how to interact effectively with the media. In order to talk about sexism, its position as a system of a privilege must be discussed. There are three pillars to a system of privilege. The first is the domination of society by the privileged group. This portion occurs, when the oppressed group is viewed with skepticism if placed in a position of power. An example of this can be seen in the classroom. Students are unlikely to question the competency and authority of a male professor. Male students, however, are likely to argue, interrupt, and ignore female professors. This action exemplifies the institutionalized belief that women are illegitimate or less legitimate than men. The second pillar occurs when the dominating groups is…
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