The Media And Its Effects On The Arab Countries And The Results Thereof

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Electronic News The Arab World, particularly in the Middle East, observers have widely appreciated and welcomed the idea of a potent media sector. Developed democratic states such as Europe, North America and Japan are known for their high hopes with regard to the media’s role as the government’s watchdogs and are normally rivaled by incredulous views of the susceptibility of the media’s power and commercial welfare. For most Arab countries, which are somehow still typified by authoritarian governance and political stagnation with respect to development, there is yet more expected in the media compared to the postmodern western countries. Of late, there have been outbursts in electronic news prevalence in the Arab world owing to several factors. The aim of this paper is to highlight some of the factors contributing to the prevalence of electronic news in these Arab nations and the results thereof. The development of the print media systems in most countries, the media fascination by the younger generations and the dawn of more than two hundred latest Arab satellite stations have significantly contributed to emergence of public sphere in Arab countries. The quest for transformation of the Arab world has been foremost spearheaded by the media and is the grounds upon which electronic news has continued to flourish. Actually, the foundations of the contemporary Arab state following the World War I has been succeeded, although a century later, by the innovations pertaining the

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