The Media And Its Impact On Society

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The media plays a significant role in developing awareness on various different subjects. Without the media, people would be much less informed on many social and economic issues. The media can be credited for improvements in these sectors today as it engages the public to have an opinion of our on-going evolvements by releasing daily reports on such topics. In terms of charitable aid the media has greatly developed our awareness with a nature that influences us to feel sympathy for those less fortunate than ourselves and crucially to act upon our feelings in order to help. Both social and economic features are benefited as people gain an understanding of how they can help various causes whilst our economy improves as it grows through donations made in attempt to end our worst current medical/financial/social issues. This is mostly achieved through the power of advertising; now advertisers have the ability to reach audiences of almost immeasurable scales due to televisions and the Internet. Charitable organisations such as St John’s Ambulance, who since launching an advert appeal campaign have been able to announce, “Our hard-hitting campaigns are proven to save lives. They get people talking.” This statement was made in justification for the severity these adverts can often have, in terms of being shocking and unpleasant to watch. However it has been recognised with the awareness people gain from watching the adverts that, “people have an apathy towards first aid and a

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