The Media And Its Impact On Society

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Unfortunately, in today’s society people do not have the time, dedication, or the urge to simply google everything that passes through their ears. When people get news/current events by unreliable sources (social media) they fail remarkably when it comes to being skeptical of everything. Today’s media is being politically fueled, provoking biased news coverage, especially now that the United States is about to have its Presidential elections in November. One specific candidate, Donald J. Trump (GOP), has been targeted by the media by being called slurs. As a result, I realized exactly how biased the media is. As for me, I had already been fed up with the media that it came to the point that I wouldn’t even watch the news, but when I did I would change the channel immediately when I heard the words; social injustice, diversity, free college, police brutality, gun control, Obama, Black Lives Matter, Sanders, Senator Warren, and Hillary Clinton. Mainly as a result for these proposals/group/people being biased and promoting theories that have been proved obsolete/useless. Starting at about the age of 7, I became actively involved in knowing what going on politically and in the schools most of the material was biased (taught in the Leftist point of view). It all started in early-mid 2015 when world renown businessman, Donald J. Trump, announced his allegiance to the “Grand Old Party”, or also commonly known as the Republican Party when he began being discredited by the media.

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