The Media And Its Impact On The Modern Era

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Advertisements have become one of the most prevalent forms of art in the modern era; such that ad executives have become the artists of this new age. They paint the walls with thought-provoking and attention grabbing advertisements designed to steal the audience 's attention and sell them a product but more importantly a life style. Consumers’ numbness to words like best, better, or stronger has forced advertisements to evolve in a dynamic manner. Thus almost all streets and TV screens are painted with streaks of Aristotle’s ethos, pathos, and logos. These weapon of persuasion were forged centuries ago, but because there potency is still effective they are still in use today. Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr.), is one company that does this well. They use ads that capitalize on the sexuality of women and invoke a sense of patriotism. A specific example of this is their The All-American Thick Burger ad. By capitalizing on sexuality and patriotism, the ad outlines its target audience as young, red blooded, ‘Merican men. The ad uses strong pathos, powerful ethos, and limited logos in order to effectively sell the Thickburger to the above specified audience The ad starts with a close up on the burger. The burger is then brought into full view and shown to have a hot dog link (cut in half running parallel to each other in supine position) and potato chips (Lay 's original kettle cooked) as an additional garnish to the regular lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and mustard. The camera
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