The Media And Its Impact On The Entertainment Industry Essay

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The mass media has developed into a highly influential platform that relays information to audiences all around the world, but are the images seen in advertisements and television, devaluing individuals by labeling them under stereotypes? In order to truly understand the core of such a question, it is important to first define and solidify some key terms. To begin with, what mediums of mass media will be considered in the analysis of this issue? Specifically, I will attempt to highlight the use of gender stereotypes in the form of visual advertisements, such as magazines and television commercials. I will also be considering the use of gender stereotypes in the entertainment industry, particularly in the making of TV shows and movies.
The power of the media in transcending gender - related information is well-described by Tom Bogt, an interdisciplinary social science researcher, in his scholarly article, “Shake It Baby, Shake It,” as the fact that the media has become an “important source of knowledge for physical, social, and emotional aspects” of an individual’s development of “sexual attitudes, values, and practices” (Bogt, 844). Bogt emphasizes that advertisements and media entertainment present “a rather unrealistic and skewed account of human romance and sexuality” and this account is what forms the attenuating gender stereotypes (Bogt, 844). Now the question arises, what exactly are gender stereotypes? Gender stereotypes are dramatized, overused, and precise

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