The Media And Its Impact On The Economy And Society Operates

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Journalism is a form of writing that informs public about things that already happened in our life. It is a practice of examining and reporting issues, events and trends to the media such as print and broadcast media. It is not only presenting the news of the day of a city or a country, but telling meaningful stories about what is new or is happening around us, understanding it and explaining it to others (Michael et al., 2012). The people who write journalism, gather news and information for mass distribution are called “journalists.” They usually work at newspaper, magazines, TV or radio station or online. With these different media, there are also different tasks for every journalist such as reporters, sub-editors, photojournalists, the…show more content…
This proves that the journalism industry has provided comprehensive and informative news to the audience. Beside that, the Internet has provided new opportunity for news outlets to earn money from advertisers, hacker, media companies, and profit-seekers alike and so on. Nevertheless, there are many debates and discussions of the Internet usage in journalism. As quoted by Salter and Jones, “the Internet has all too often been regarded as an economic opportunity more than an opportunity to change and improve journalistic practice.” This example I have chosen for this essay will attempt to critically analyze this quote; whether the Internet is mostly developed for economic opportunity or for the advancement of journalistic practice. First and foremost, The New Straits Times Press (NTSP) has been chosen as my main media outlet example in this assignment. NTSP is one of the oldest and largest Malaysia’s newspapers founded in 1845 (Multimedia Inc, n.d). It’s an official English newspaper, which is often described as “The Newspaper of the Nation” in Malaysia (Multimedia Inc, n.d). Furthermore, the principle activities of this company comprise of the publication and sale of newspapers and magazines, editorial services, online services, outdoor and media advertising, property management services and investment holdings. Beside that, NTSP is owned by Media Prima Corporation. Media Prima Corporation is also known as Media
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