The Media And Its Popularity

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Man has always asked about nature’s existence and how did it come to be. Did the origin of life accidentally come into being, or was it the artwork of a more majestic being? Or did the self. existing God give nature the trigger and everything else came in an orderly manner? These types of questions are not new to humanity. Predated philosophers since the times of Plato and Aristotle, around 300.400 BC, have already asked themselves about their existence. On the other side, theologians have always existed even before the cradle of civilises ion. the Sumerians, some 6,000 years ago. Religious figures believe that nature was not a seltoriginating mechanism but It is the work of a more superior being. So is region backed by science or do they contradict? This controversy Is disputed in many societies and some even incorporate it in politics. This topic is still a hotspot in today 's media and its popularity has led it to be debated and discussed in many universities around the world. With this in mind, the general public have held many views on this subject. However, there are many Questions than answers. This argument, fortunately for me, still exists today and people are led to believe in what they want but without full knowledge of it. People who believe in a seThoriginating world are called evolutionists and the ones who believe in a creator are called creationists. You 'll understand why these terms are applied to people later in this dissertation. So was the universe
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