The Media And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The media plays the role as entertaining and a source of information to its viewers, however, with the current crime trends, most viewers have the perceptions that our criminal justice system is lacking in areas of proper sentencing and protecting the viewers. All this is based upon what we see in the media is the information reliable or not? I say this because of hearing about news personality lying about their experience only to booster the networks rating. When the criminal justice system has contact with the media, most will withhold information or give misleading information to justify the capture or conviction of a criminal. So not only are we questioning the efficacy of the criminal justice system but the media as well.
How is the criminal justice system portrayed in the media? Explain.
It is my belief that the criminal justice systems portrayal in the media as racially bias. With the many shows that offer an insight to what law enforcement must endure in the apprehension and conviction of criminal some see as entertaining while other this the opposite. When you have news shows like Nancy Grace, who for the most part was a good prosecutor and this comes through in her commits. However, in order to increase their rating many of the shows will put the greatest emphasis on subjects that are lighting rods for controversy, and currently it happens to be race.
It is at time hard to distinguish what is real and what is fictional, concerning the criminal justice
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