The Media And The Global Media

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Oligopoly is defined as ‘a market structure in which few firms are provided with dominance.’ (Economics-online, 2014) This word correlates greatly towards the current activity and climate of media ownership within the international realm and has greatly influenced the technological change, influence of deregulation and increase and appeal for media ownership. All three factors contributing greatly towards the collaboration of communication and media and the current media oligopoly. In answering the question , I agree with the statement suggesting that the world is clearly best understood as a global system controlled by an oligopoly of largely western media corporations. From News Corp, Comcast to Disney, these large media conglomerates combines share a major part of the media and the way it shapes and inform’s the public sphere of the world. Throughout the essay, I will be exploring the validity of this statement and illustrate prime examples that clearly highlight and illustrate the essence of the claim.

Media owners through the global media system, generate a large amount of financial revenue through selling content to audiences, share investment and job employment. The media ownership on a global level provides productivity and assistance to the audience. The global media market and its ownership provides a means of globalisation, through the integration of media, political and economic spheres of the world.

With changing values and the constant development of…
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