The Media As A System Of Racialization : Exploring Images Of African American Women And The New Racism

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Article 37- “The Media as a System of Racialization: Exploring Images of African American Women and the New Racism” In article 37, the author Marci points out an issue that women still face today. She discusses a new form of racism using media. She examines the progression of the “Jezebel” image. Popular media suggests that equality has been reached but in my opinion this is far from the truth. The problem remains at a deeper level that even some people might still not find a problem with the way that media portrays women of color. The issue is not just about an abundance of negative images that portray these women but the lack of positive ones as well. The media work both ways: either for good and bad. The media has the ability and the power to change the perspective of millions of viewers in a quick second. It is really up to us to internalize the material or the content that is shown in the media in a positive or negative manner. The link between the cause and effect of media is simply our ability to choose the message that we decide to retain. In addition, our choice to take action towards the media significantly says a lot of our own character. We live in a society where women in general are seen simply as sexual objects especially in music videos. Media teaches men to objectify women because they glorify them for their appearance and not for their brain. It would be a different story if men were used as sexual objects and only then will music videos would not be
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