The Media As A Valuable Outlet For Free Expression

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The social media as a valuable outlet for free expression Introduction The communications and media landscape is experiencing a profound and fast transformation. There is a possibility of describing the evolution and development of new technologies as enterprising and open. The internet comprises of the considered technological developments, which is the latest outlet that a considerable number of people in the world can access and use to communicate (Maras 3). Just as other technologies before it, the internet has the power to transform the manner in which people realize the freedom to express themselves. Any person that can access the internet can create, share or edit their individual information or other people’s content. The flare-up of digital communication, especially through the social media allows citizens to participate in public debates on a level unparalleled historically. The right to free expression rests upon public communication platforms, which is essential for the realization of the desired effects. Increasingly, the social media is playing its role as a platform through which individuals can express their wide range views to a considerable number of people. Through the social media, users can create and shape information. For this reason, the social media is becoming a viral actor by encouraging people to center their attention to particular issues. Additionally, the social media strikes a partisan position without regards for the traditional journalistic
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