The Media Has A Negative Effect On Women

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Everyone wants to be beautiful. What is beauty nowadays? Is it flawless skin, long blonde hair, and skinny waist and thighs? This is what beauty is for most women. Beauty is very predominant in a women’s world. People have their own perception of beauty, but we are all heavily influenced by society as well as the media. The things that the media inculcates into our minds are the things that we contemplate very often. Every time we see a celebrity or a model on television or a magazine we want to be just like them. Sadly, we cannot be like them, as much as we tried. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we cannot define beauty based on what the media portrays even though many women do so. The media has a negative effect on women and throughout the years we have been trying to have that “ideal” body according to the media through surgical enhancements and many other things, which causes eating disorders and a low self-esteem. When we see women on the media whether you are a man or a woman your mind quickly defines that as beauty. These beautiful women that we see often are tall, skinny with long hair and a blemish-free face. Women want to have the body and face that society tells them to strive for, and man want a girlfriend or a wife that looks just like them. Advertisements always show these beautiful women to attract men into buying their product and men somehow think that with this product they will find a beautiful woman. A good example of this could be any Axe
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