The Media Has Improved Over The Past Years With Exposing People Of Their Wrongdoings

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The media has improved over the past years with exposing people of their wrongdoings. However, the media affects many athletes in their professional and personal lives exemplified especially in the life of T. O. (Terrell Owens). T.O. was an outstanding professional football player who was sought after by many professional National Football League teams. T.O. played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Allen Wranglers, and Seattle Seahawks. Fame and fortune helped evolve T.O. into staring on his own reality television show while he was playing in the National Football League. With this notoriety T.O. routinely demonstrated his toughness on and off the football field…show more content…
was intentionally letting the Dallas players and fans know that no matter where he played the field was his field and he could not be stopped. This shows his competitiveness, toughness, and his relentless pursuit to dominate and intimidate his competition, including the media. Cultural capital is “a way that people within any culture distinguish themselves from people from outside the culture, and it typically also involves judgments of value, worth, or character.” Regardless of Terrell’s skills, mannerisms, and credentials he doesn’t mind sacrificing the relationships acquired through being part of the professional football world. Terrell thought very highly of himself sharing the same passion for football as his teammates and opponents he created a sense of identity and belonging. However, putting a lot effort into presenting himself as a unique player worthy of being sought after in the NFL, Terrell acts as though he has knowledge that confers power and status. Failing to realize that he helped hinder his own social mobility and ultimately his income and wealth, he can only blame himself and not the media. The media portrays Terrell Owens as an athlete that does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame but this is because of his own actions and personality. Terrell should accept responsibility for how he presents himself to his fans and the commentators. For example, “Owens said the Eagles showed a ‘lack of class’ by not publicly acknowledging his 100th career touchdown

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