The Media Has Seen Over The Years

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Thesis statement
This paper sets to vividly outline the tremendous innovation that the media has seen over the years. It explains the advantages and the disadvantages that can be derived from these innovations. It brings forward the fact that media innovations have a close relationship with process, product, paradigmatic, position and social innovation. Innovation involves a vast degree of novelty as can be seen from this paper. It also explains important impacts of innovations in the social media; opportunities available in the market and behavior of the users, company strategy, vision and leadership, structure of organizations, resources and capacity, technology, industry norms, regulation and lastly, culture and creativity among others.
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All these innovations have a great impact on social, political and economic status of the society.
So as to be able to analyze crucial characteristics of media innovation, we will look at two specific areas which are; the things that are changing and the degree of novelty.

The changes in the media due to innovation
Media advancement can incorporate change in a few perspectives of the media scene – from the improvement of new media platforms, to new plans of action, to new ways of delivering media texts. There are numerous ways of conceptualizing what sorts of change media innovation involve.
Paradigmatic Innovation
Incorporates changes in an organization 's attitude, qualities, and plans of action. At the point when the music industry moved from CD deals to streaming administrations, this spoke for a paradigmatic advancement. The newspaper industry is in a comparative process, where the focus is no more principally in print but online services. Media organizations are continually dedicated in their look for feasible plans of action for online services. The four Ps are created for understanding development in economic entities. However, they can likewise be utilized to comprehend advancement for non-economic purposes. Synergistic activities, for example, Linux or Wikipedia, are examples of item developments grew through community oriented methods (prepare innovation) that include changes in attitude regarding how
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