The Media Has a Grasp on Younger Generations

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Media can influence every home in America. Not only is it capable of influence through television, but it can influence through magazines, newspapers, word of mouth, even clothing! The qualities of a person media tends to influence most, is their self-esteem and personality. Women are especially seen as being influenced, but men are in the bunch as well, although less published. Children are being brought into the influence as well at younger ages each generation. With more media influence in families, we can expect more social problems. Many people might think they aren't influenced by the media, but in actuality they are. Andersen in Thinking About Women writes “Each of us sees thousands of advertisements per day. Advertisements not …show more content…
This influences a man's opinion on his body. Men are built differently depending on their genetics, and the image most men try to obtain is unattainable due to those genetics. With genetics in play men won't be able to obtain the wanted image making their self-esteem lower than a man who can. Children are also influenced by the media, but their surrounding increase to impact. Children learn by observing, and repeating. By watching family remember or other children, they will repeat what is seen acceptable by the peer or parent. Children want to fit in and want to make their parents proud. In Jill Conway's anthology Margaretw Mead writes “This sense of satisfying one's parents probably has a great deal to do with one's capacity to accept oneself as a kind of person” (303). If parents are reacting to how the media is trying to conform society, they are unaware of the impact they are sending tho their children. It can also be seen in other peers at school. Children are basically shunned if they do not have the latest clothing or look a certain way. As I went out on my own to put my thesis to the test, I distributed my surveys at various social places. Those places included parks, shopping centers, and Starbucks cafes. While adding people I knew (10 of them) I asked them through Facebook. I
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