The Media Have Alternative Affects Depending On The Perspective.

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The media have alternative affects depending on the perspective. There is the positive side arguing that media brings community in and grows a community to be more than self-discovered. There is the negative side arguing that the media, specifically advertisement, damages the community as a whole and constructs the acceptance. Kilbourne is the author that discusses the negative effect influenced by advertisements titled “Two Ways a Women Can Get Hurt”, discussing why the damage is significant to the wide spectrum of viewers by using pathos examples by victims. The alternated article titled, “Becoming Part of Something Bigger than Ourselves” by McGonical supports media to build communities to successfully achieve more when working together.…show more content…
Kilbourne brings in much of female difficulties and she goes into detail of commonality. From Kilbourne’s article she quotes, “female are still held responsible and hold each other responsible when sex goes wrong” (495). Individuals who are assaulted are to basically take the blame, but seems that advertisements of dominance and sexual stance has no influence on males. The use of having a community between the articles is effective because it discusses that as a group you can make a change just as the media alternated meanings. The media has a heavy impact on disruption, there is no connection until you find a common goal. That common goal will allow for the supporting sides to unite and understand the conflictions. Establishing common goals will allow groups to be more effective with change and meaning. Connection is common key to the overview of the two articles. The authors of hold credible information either understanding participators to Halo 3 goal to kills or experiencing female objectifying. When the author connects with the readers it creates a clear understanding of the articles’ objective. McGonical included a quote from a player that when calculating his total kills to the major goal he only contributed over .00032%. The author implies that “The single best way to add meaning to our lives is to connect our daily actions to something bigger then ourselves” (446). A small participation goes a long way and that is important that is

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