The Media Images Of Women

1785 Words Apr 27th, 2016 8 Pages
Kelsey Drevyn
Dr. S. Dutt
WGS 305
16 February 2016
A Small Presence Hiding in the Big Picture: Media Images of Women Even inadvertently, we absorb over 34gbs of data per day on average, according to a recent study by the University of California San Diego (Short, 2012). We spend most of our day consuming media images, whether we mean to or not. Every sign we pass, each magazine we happen to glance at the cover of, our friends’ and strangers’ Instagram posts, and Facebook ads and articles frame a structure of norms and standards that reflect society’s inherent prejudices and preferences. The commercials we watch send non-subtle cues aimed towards creating a need for consumption, based on living an ideal life, while the shows we watch on television are projecting a subconscious image of what we all have been led to believe society should look like. The problem lies in creating these standards that should not exist. What has been noticed as problematic in Western society is the way media images have chosen to portray women. The production and consumption of media images in the Western world has had a predominantly negative impact on the way the female gender has been viewed and absorbed. Since the invention of the media, before it was considered more than news and political propaganda, consumers have been unwittingly targeted. We have consumed visual ideas that until recently were usually created by men and often for the male gaze: paintings, sculptures, newspapers, books,…
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