The Media Is The Devil 's Advocate Of Eating Disorders

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Throughout history, there have been many factors that contribute to the increase in eating disorders amongst women. The media is the devil’s advocate of eating disorders. Doctor Kathrine Henderson researched the history of eating disorders and the media to understand the reason behind its origin. Early studies provide evidence that claims the media’s main focus is on the decreasing weight in celebrities plastered on magazines and many other models and women who are the ideals of beauty. There has been a variety of studies proving the increase in thinness amongst women in magazines and TV shows (Henderson 2010). The media creates body dissatisfaction in young women, which leads to this psychological disease. Henderson found a significant increase in advertisements for diet foods and diet products for the years 1970-2000s (Henderson 2010). In comparing pressures on women and men, Henderson showed that “women’s magazines contained 10.5 times as many diet promotions as men’s magazines” (Henderson 2010). Overall, research has shown that there has been an increase in the promotion of diets, and thin bodies for the female society. The women are pushed further into believing that they do not have model thin, or acceptable bodies in order to be a part of society. Magazines, websites, and famous women have exploited their bodies to show how the female society should look.
Self-starvation, binge eating and extreme diets have been a disease in this world for quite some time. In earlier…

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