The Media Of A Middle School Student

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As a middle school student, I was oblivious to the unrealistic portrayals in the media, but I was not able to escape its harmful grasp. It seemed every girl at the school suffered with body image issues because their perception of beauty is what they had been taught by society. Anorexia and bulimia were far too common, while self-esteem and confidence were very hard to find. Not only were the girls trying to become “beautiful,” they were also trying to act older than they were. Starting at the extreme, drugs, alcohol, and sex seemed normal; far less extreme were the excessive amounts of makeup, skimpy outfits, and usage of the proper slang. These girls were merely doing what the media had taught them; they were being, or trying to be, “women.” The media is falsifying the appearance of, and ideals about, women; this negatively affects a man’s opinion about women, as well as a woman’s opinion about herself. Because unrealistic representation of women in the media is harmful, the media should instead portray realistic and positive ideals about women.
Photo shopped images are seen on a daily basis. According to the Beauty Redefined Administration, “The average women sees 600 photo shopped images per day” (BR Admin). Even more frightening is that, according to the College Psychology Professor Michael Strayer, a study found that 22% of women feel that the portrayal of women in social media is realistic (Strayer). In a sense, we are teaching women that “skinny is the new fat.” No…
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