The Media Of Baseball And The Case Against Roger Clemens Essay

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As I mentioned previously in the paper, the media plays a huge role in the development of people perceptions and attitudes towards certain things that occur in the modern history. The link between the growing popularity of the baseball as well as increased attention to the steroids used represent topics that were highly affected by the media. The article by Healey Fall Of The Rocket: Steroids In Baseball And The Case Against Roger Clemens (2008) reveals how the drug policy has developed over time. This source explains and examines Major League Baseball’s drug policy through the years of its evolution. It uses great examples of what used to be allowed to consume and what has been banned through the growing rules in baseball. The author also breaks down how the “Steroid Era” affected baseball from numbers of standpoints and points out the greatly risen home-run numbers that include the great home-run chase between some of the game’s greatest sluggers of all time. Therefore, previously mentioned research about the home-run probability was affect by the growing trend of examining professional players’ performance. The performance that goes beyond the possible one by an average player received a critical attention by the Major League Baseball. The article, “Under Mounting Pressure: A History Of Media Influence On Major League Baseball Steroid Policies,” is based on the relationship between Major League Baseball and the media. The authors break down how the media reports on
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