The Media Of Fm Radio

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Recently there have been interesting developments in the world of wireless communication. Much controversy surrounds the activation of the FM chip, found within most of the cellphones manufactured worldwide. This chip allows the reception of FM radio. Opponents on both sides have stated their cases. There are those who view it as obsolete technology and others who see it as a necessity in an emergency. In dire situations this could be the only means of relaying important information to the masses. Until another reliable means is developed, FM radio should be available for all. Since its inception, radio has gone through many changes. In its infancy it was the only true form of electronic media. Radios became a requirement in all sea vessels, a result of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. During the Great Depression it grew in popularity due to its price, free. This was referred to as the "Golden Age of Radio." Radio remained the dominant force in media until the arrival of the television. The high fidelity of FM radio caught the interest of those who favored music programming, and with the addition of DJs, radio held it 's own. (Gross, Lynne Schafer, Electronic Media An Introduction, pg 3-8) Over the years, many new competitors have joined the media race. Technology has delivered new gadgets such as the MP3 player, iPod, and smartphones. New services like Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes have sprung up offering music downloads at low prices. Streaming services on smartphones
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