The Media Of Indigenous Australians

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Part A – Media Analysis
There is a populace of 18 million in Australia with Indigenous Australians making up roughly one percent of the Australian population. Due to this, the closest that a non-Indigenous Australians will come to have contact with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person is through representation in the Australian media. Most media stories are viewed as one sided or racist with even the Prime Minster Tony Abbott making comments that it is a ‘lifestyle choice’ for the Indigenous peoples to live the way that they do in small communities consisting of up to 8 people. These statements that he had made is seen as racist, leaving him open to criticism by members if his own party, friends and his opponents. The 2 articles …show more content…

This article gives the reader an inequitable view of Indigenous Australians, defending Tony Abbot’s point of view and the audience is encouraged to agree with mainstream media in regards to whether or not Tony Abbott is racist. Article B from the Koori Mail condemns Tony Abbott’s viewpoint as not only racist but he is insulting the very culture that he is representing. Article B states that Tony Abbott does not understand Indigenous culture and how important land is to them “Connection to country is everything to Aboriginal people – defines Aboriginal people and sustains us in a cultural and spiritual sense and can play a vital role in building economic independence, self-determination and healing” (Greg Cromelin, Article B). With Article B the audience is encouraged to get angry at Tony Abbott’s comments and make him out to be racist.

Misrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in the media, as seen in the Courier Mail (Article A) and the Koori Mail (Article B), shows a different side of Tony Abbott’s comments. Each with their own biases and by comparing the two articles it shows that good representations in the media still have a long way to go.

Part B – Research Paper
In this essay I will be discussing how the Australian media affects Indigenous Australians through negative and positive news reports, how journalists

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