The Media Of My Choice Was The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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The media of my choice was the Stanford Prison Experiment movie. The movie gave an in-depth view on how the experiment came about and what happened during the process. Within this paper I will give details on what exactly the Stanford Prison Experiment was, different topics we learned over the course of Social Psychology that relate to the Stanford Prison Experiment and the affects it had on me and could have on others.
The Stanford Prison Experiment took place August 14-20th 1971. It was an experiment conducted by graduate students of psychology and psychology professor Philip Zimbardo from the University of Stanford, to test the power of the person. They did so by turning part of the university into a prison-like setting. They had chow hall, solitary confinement rooms, a guard room and cells for the participants. There were two groups, group one prison guards and group two the prisoners. What the hopes were for the experiment was to find out how people would conform to a role given to them, how fast, how much they would change, how it affected attitudes of the participants and many other psychological aspects, but the ones mentioned were the main focus. The only thing the graduate students and professor were trying to do was place the guards and prisoners in a prison setting and see how things went. The experiment was scheduled to last two whole weeks, but due to the conditions that were created during the experiment and how fast things changed, it was stopped at only six

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