The Media Of Sexual Advertisements

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We are all familiar with the extent of sexual advertisements today. Advertisements can be overly erotic and push the threshold to being pornography. Carls Jr. is well known for their sexual advertisements that purposely expose a half dressed women eating a giant cheeseburger. There have been several advertisements of this nature throughout the last decade, but this type of sexual campaigning began with Paris Hilton’s ad for the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger. The ad only showed the burger for about three seconds while the remaining twenty-seven seconds was a video of Paris Hilton amorously washing a car in a bathing suit. This advertisement can attract both men and women. Although the majority of women will not be as aroused by the advertisements as men, it will still capture their attention and causes a woman to subconsciously believe “I will look like her if I eat this burger!” Some denim brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Calvin Klein have some of the sexiest advertisements out there. Considering these are meant to be clothing brands, their models certainly do not wear a lot of clothing. A billboard ad in New York for Calvin Klein jeans displayed one woman being dominated by three men. Despite the amount of controversy, Calvin Klein still remains one of the top brands today (Early Sexuality in Advertising). Sexual advertisements have proven to be successful and the proceeding result has lead to a marketing industry dominated by sex. Although sexual advertisements
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