The Media Of Teen Drug Abuse

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What causes the negative stigma among African American teenagers in the media regarding teen drug abuse, and does this stereotype hold any ground? We chose to research this topic because of the common stigma that the media portrays on every day African American teens, and we wanted to know how this effects their everyday lives, like how they are treated because of this stigma. Further research in this area could be a step forward into eliminating every day stereotypes and helping take another step towards equality in the United States. It is important as a sociologist to research these issues so that society can take steps forward to a more equal and understanding society. We plan to address this issue in a way that could help readers understand the stigma these stereotypes have on teens, and how it effects the way they experience life as a whole. Social problems are what affect us in today’s society and when Media today portrays African American teens as lazy, and violent drug users many actually take these stereotypes to heart.
In the article Stereotype or Reality: Another Look At Alcohol and Drug Use Among African American Children, speaks on the issues of medias portrayal of African American Children living in high-risk environments in overwhelmingly negative terms such as “children under siege,” “Endangered Species,” “lost generation,” and so much more. The article also addresses the stereotype of how African American children living within low-to-moderate income…

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