The Media Of The 1960 ' S

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These changes all lead back to the media of the 1960 's and their involvement in documenting and reporting the Vietnam War. Aside from these social and political changes, thanks to the media of the 1960 's, the 21st century has been molded accordingly. Not only has television technology skyrocketed, but according to the Nelson Company, 96% of Americans as of 2015 now own a television in their homes. And with more families owning a television, the more they are informed by T.V reporters and the news channels. Americans are fed information from the country and other nations by news anchors. Thanks to the media, Americans of the 21st century have become more informed about the world affairs and are able to assess whether or not they are in danger of any terrorist attacks and brewing conflicts between nations. The media of the 1960 's helped news reporting evolutionize the way that it has. However that 's not to say that television reporters are not biased, because they are. Nowadays, it seems that reporters only tell one side of the story, and give their opinions far too frequently. Instead of progressing, reporters seem to be straying from the truth, using bait title methods and cliff hangers to increase their viewers and in return, earn them a couple bucks. It 's quite evident to everyone that American politics and news reportings are extremely biased. However, regardless of their flaws, whether it 's peace protests, violence, alien country attacks and even political
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