The Media Of The Digital Media Era

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With the rapid advancement and growth of the digital media era, the internet provides a platform for social media networking to become a major influence in the lives of everyone and everything imaginable. The internet is used for everything from entertainment to school, work, shopping, and research. Consumers also use the internet to play games, gather information, read blogs and websites; download, upload, and share text and media files, images, and music; communicate with others via email, instant messages, and social media sites. With all that 's involved with the internet, there shouldn 't be a surprise that ethics need to always be put into play. Issues surrounding ethics has been an ongoing problem since the explosion of digital media. Ethics, the rules of conduct that 's recognized in respect to human actions or a particular group, culture, etc. Ethical issues continue to surface around the topics of sexting, plagiarism, and cyberbullying. As sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube continues to be the path through social networking, internet consumers at times forget that their personal integrity comes into play when they are online, even though everyone is promised freedom of speech, there 's proper policies and etiquette that one must abide by to avoid any situations that could intrude on another individual, or even result in legal issues.

Issues created by the Advancements in Digital Medial

With social media there comes a lot of changes, especially with
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