The Media Presented The Riots Of 2011

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There are many factors that will influence choice of research topic including; current events in the news, moral panics, phenomena relating to sociological theories e.g., exploitation, misogyny, previous research, the political climate and personal interests. I am extremely interested in the ways that social order is ‘produced’ by society and have decided as a consequence to study the ways that the Riots of 2011 were portrayed in the media. The research hypothesis that I will attempt to investigate is: ‘The media presented the Riots of 2011 in a bias way.’ Sociologists have a range of research methods available to them to investigate society. These research methods can be classified into two broad groups; quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research methods advocated by Positivists tend to have higher numbers of respondents and less involvement on the part of the researcher. These methods are deemed to be ‘scientific’ as they enable high levels of empirical research, objectivity and academic detachment. However, the Feminist School of Thought and Ann Oakley in particular, would reject this approach to sociological investigations stating that they symbolise patriarchy, lack of reciprocity and unequal power relationships. Weber, the founding father of the Anti-Positivist School of Thought, rejected the assumptions of positivism stating that they produce numbers, results and statistics that are based on meanings, negotiations and interactions and advocated the use of

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