The Media Production Program At Ryerson University

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Polaroid photographs can be thought of as tangible moments in time. They give off vibes of nostalgia and whimsy. These feelings lead me to incorporate Polaroid’s in my personal media artifact. And since I am in the Media Production program at Ryerson University, I found it appropriate to apply what I learned digitally in Photoshop to represent myself in an assemblage of hanging Polaroid’s.
Corkboards are commonly used for reminders, organizing and possibly posting things we like on them. These elements often come into play when I try to start a project. I often need to plan in advance but even when I try to stay organized, I am scattered much like the board. The texts are what I used to be inspired when I am creating something of my own. And like many aspects in life, the Polaroid’s and board have imperfections, but it is these imperfections build character. When hung together they form a tapestry that tells a story of my life. I will now explain part of that story by analyzing three of these texts from my collage by applying key concepts commonly studied in popular culture.
Habitus, described by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu is the manifestation of culture through developed habits and predispositions. Habitus can be thought of as the procedural memory one develops when one improves in a sport by practicing it for many years (as cited in Cultural Capital, 2016). This metaphor fits perfectly for something I love to watch and play: hockey.
Canada has been the catalyst that…
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