The Media Rules The World

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The media rules the world. It is so integrated into our society; anxiety is developed for some individuals when a new feed does not appear when refreshed. Our feelings are shared behind an electronic wall. Our acceptance into society is based on a like. And potential partners are found by sliding into our DMs. This superficial life has no necessities in our life. Consumed into our screens, we forget to look at the world around us. Being so focused on others, we tend to compare our lives, leading to a spiral of negativity. The amount of time that we occupy on social media needs to decrease a tremendous amount. One critical example is how much time students from Hamilton spend on Facebook. Facebook for Hamilton studies is used to check what assignments or tests are coming up. But while trying to help us in an educational standpoint, Facebook causes so much distraction that I forget why I went on Facebook, and catch myself 53 weeks into some stranger’s profile. Not only does that happen on Facebook, the same thing happens on Instagram. With that ridiculous amount of time I spend, I loose time in what actually is important, school and sleep. I tend to stay up doing homework and losing sleep, only to be gaining friends and followers on every social media I own. Most individuals spend our times looking into a bright screen and not in the eyes of the individual we wish to converse with. Social media is the barrier between correct human communications. To vent about our feelings,
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