Essay on The Media Should NOT Define our Self-Image

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Do we choose to define ourselves? Everyday we turn on the television; we are subjected to advertisements about what we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to wear, and even what we are supposed to drive. Ultimately we choose the vehicles we drive, but the media has a huge influence on us. Three television advertisements reveal the vehicles women and men are believed to drive. The Honda Odyssey is shown in advertisements with a woman driving around kids to their daily functions. The Ford F150 and the Chevy Silverado are shown with men four wheeling through the hills. Advertisements tell us what roles we are “supposed” to play in society. In reality men and women’s roles in society have greatly changed from the past, but…show more content…
Media shapes the world we live in, through advertisements. Most women are working mothers today. It is a frequent occurrence for a man to help out with daily chores; cooking dinner, cleaning, and watching the children after school. Yet, many advertisements still depict women taking care of the children, cleaning house and cooking dinner for the family. Many dads are picking their children from school, taking them to sports practice, and picking them up afterwards. The van commercial shows a working mom, but she is still in charge of being the family taxi. The truck commercial shows the dad, taking his stress out on the road. While mom is hauling the kids around dad is out having fun off-roading in the hills. Everyday we are defined by the media. Vehicle companies are not the only ones guilty of shaping society. There are several. American’s are getting larger and still models are getting thinner everyday. Everyone on television has the perfect skin, the perfect hair, and the perfect body, or so it seems to the viewing audience. The aerodynamic shape of the new van represents a woman’s curves and the sleek outside her smooth, delicate skin. On the other hand the truck is portrayed as indestructible, tough, and emotionless; like a man “should be.” Your vehicle isn’t just a means of transportation, but an

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