The Media and Environmental Awareness Essay

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Media is defined as the means of communication, such as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, which reach or influence people widely. Over the last 50 years, media has transformed our everyday life to the point where we are aware of world events within minutes of their occurrence. Media has progressed to a point never observed before. World topics, such as the environment and global warming, have progressed in media coverage due to new technologies and public interest. Overall, there is more choice, freedom, speed and competition in all aspects of media today. Media has definitely evolved throughout our history, beginning way back to the invention of language and the sharing of information. Then there was the invention of…show more content…
In the 1950s however, television largely dominated media industry. There were 3.1 million television sets in American homes, and over 100 television stations operating in 38 states across the USA. This new technology became widely popular at this time, which became known as "The Golden Age of Television". The television became the dominant form of media as it out competed radio and print media with an exciting combination: pictures and sound. Live reporting was made possible by communication satellites. It was at this time that the environment and related terms entered the mass media vocabulary as a way of labeling this new way of looking at humankind-habitat relationships. The first story on climate change in the U.S. popular media was a 1950 Saturday Evening Post article: “Is the World Getting Warmer?” Journalists also began to cover environmental issues early in the 1950s in the U.S, but had to compete with the television. The 1960s were a time of political, social, cultural and psychological change. These brought out new movements and changes, which were spread with the help of increased media attention. The television expanded into a medium able to deliver news, shape public opinion and unite people in great moments. This
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