The Media and Its Responsibilities

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The media and its responsibilities Introduction The media has grown over the past 50 years to become an integral part of our lives today. The media has a responsibility to inform and educate the people through the various channels available such as radio, magazines, newspaper, television and the Internet. The media is also a signaler, watchdog, common carrier, and public representative in various issues in the society. Many of the decisions undertaken by media personalities, owners and management are challenging and they present ethical issues on a day to day basis. It is thus important for these actions to be analyzed using the appropriate ethical theory to ensure they are right in the eyes of the society. However, a lack of consensus in the ethical theories as well as the presence of different perspectives introduced by relativism, ethical egoism and emotivism creates ethical issues and problems which create more challenges in their resolution. Ethical issue presented The media is thought to be an agent of change in the society through educating and informing the society of developments in the region or country which the media house operates. Media companies are also meant to play the role of the government watchdog to ensure they act in the best interests of the constituents. However, media companies are faced by huge challenges as a result of legal regulations which limit their ability to fulfill their role. Whenever media houses touch on certain issues such as
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