The Media and Public Figures

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Political Science 6, Laurie Houske The First Amendment was first established to guarantee Americans with the basic civil liberties that they would not be threaten by the government. With The First Amendment to the U.S Constitution “congress shall make no law…. abridging the freedom of the press” guarantees the press to publish news, information and opinions with out the government interfering. This also lets people such as independent press companies the right to publish their own newspaper, mail newsletters, magazines, etc. It guarantees the journalist and reporters to having the freedom of speech and practicing their rights to all kinds of media with publishing articles, broadcasting radio news, and much more. When someone has the freedom to publish what he or she wants they are protected. It will most likely mean the government won’t censor reporters and journalist. Meaning the government has no control on blocking certain material or preventing publishing of future work. Everyday in our lives we see the media publishing news articles about a certain celebrity, person or recent news. Many of the times the media will go to extremes to get the attention of the citizen of the US by releasing stories that can either harm the reputation of a certain person or company. Since the media has the right to publish anything they want such as valuable information or a certain opinion. Even on television the reporters and anchors will also broadcast anything they desire.
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