The Media and THe Ucranie Crisis Essay

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This paper will discuss the dominant political ideologies presented in news coverage regarding the Ukraine crisis. Tensions within Ukraine started escalating in November of 2013 when Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych rejected a European Union trade deal and accepted a loan offered by Russia to relieve Ukraine’s financial strain (Hepburn, 2014). Many Ukrainian’s want a European trade deal to strengthen European relations and eliminate their ties with the Russian government (Hepburn, 2014). Civilians protested Ukraine’s decision to reject the European trade deal in Kiev’s Maiden Square. February of 2014, protests became violent when Yanukovych permitted the military to shoot protesters (Duncan, 2014). Yanukovych was later deposed and…show more content…
The concept of restoration is used because it justifies Putin’s activities and criticizes the West for preventing growth in Ukraine. The use of conservatism justifies Russia’s actions because conservatism favours the elite like Putin. The coverage presents conservatism through Putin’s quotations. Thus, the reader must consider that Putin is biased in his assessment of Ukraine’s crisis and Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. Similarly to MacKinnon’s article “Putin digs in on Crimea as West moves to isolate Russia,” a news column from the alternative news source Rabble, presents tory conservatism but differs from MacKinnon’s article because Rabble’s news column portrays neo-liberalism as well. The column “Ukraine power play: What’s at stake?” by Duncan Cameron has a conservative perspective because the article indicates the importance of a strong state by suggesting Ukraine’s lack of political and economic strength caused Ukraine’s crisis (Cameron, 2014). Suggestion of a strong state indicates that the coverage does not portray classical liberalism, as classical liberalism ignores the concept of a strong nation. Moreover, the coverage criticizes Russia’s excessive power over Crimea, indicating the coverage’s support of the conservative concept of a limited state (Cameron, 2014). The concepts of a strong and limited state are complimentary

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