Essay about The Media as a Mirror of the Asian-American Women

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Imagine a distant post-apocalyptic future in which a group of researchers discovers a stack of DVDs of 20th and 21st century Hollywood movies of Asian American actresses. After watching those movies, what might the researchers conclude about the characteristics of Asian American women in the movies? Certainly, they will view Asian American women as sexual and erotic objects of the society that white men can score with ease. Why do I assume they will think that way? The answer is a simple, yet controversial one: mostly, the media, as the history proves, portrays Asian American women either as erotic sex slaves of white men or as insidious personalities who lure their prey into a trap with their sex appeal. If we look into the history,…show more content…
As a result, the Asian females lost their sense of “individuality” and “diversity of what it means to be Chinese.” As Connie accents, the stereotypical representation of Asian women increased during “the US involvement with the Philippines wars, Japan and China in World War II, and more recently, the Korean and Vietnamese Wars” because the American soldiers saw Asian women “as prostitutes and sexual objects who provide rest and recuperation from the war zones” (as cited in As time passed and media came into existence, stereotypical names, such as “Dragon Lady” and “China Doll,” of Asian-American women began to represent the Asian American women as sexual and erotic objects in the media. “Dragon Lady” is a “dangerous and seductive woman” whose nature is “belligerent” and “domineering” ( Historical roots of the “Dragon Lady” date back to the late 1800s when in the imperial China, the empress, Tzu-hsi, suffered the “Dragon Throne,” a term used to identify the removal of an emperor of the imperial China ( The New York Times labeled her as “the wicked witch of the East, a reptilian dragon lady who had arranged the poisoning, strangling, beheading, or forced suicide of anyone who had ever challenged her autocratic rule”

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