The Media 's Impact On Public Opinion

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The media has always had a powerful impact on public opinion in Britain. With several different types and means of communication, such as TV, newspapers, social networking and radio, it is difficult for the public to not be even slightly impacted by the opinion of thousands that surrounds them every day. However, with newspapers spinning stories to promote the party they favour (such as the Daily Mail in favour of Conservatives or the Mirror in favour of Labour ) or to disparage the opposition, is it clear there is any obvious influence from the media towards the public in relation to reporting on British Politics? Since January 2001, the total circulation of the UK 's ten major national newspapers has declined . It could be said that the press choose to slander politicians to gain attention from the public to push sales, rather than inform the public on the real political issues at hand. For example, women’s magazines discuss political issues such as abortion and the “tampon tax”, rather than commercial newspapers that publish stories such as scrutinizing politician Jeremy Corbyn for his “subtle head nod” at the remembrance Sunday cenotaph. In a declining market for their product, newspaper titles battle against each other for audiences and advertising revenue in their respective market segments, while the press as a whole is engaged in competition with other media sectors, such as the news via the internet, which makes it easier for the public to instantly engage with
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