The Media 's Influence On Body Image

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Millions of women, day in day out, are bombarded with the media’s notion of the “ideal” female body. These impractical images are depicted within women’s magazines worldwide, sending out the message to women that they are not thin or pretty enough. Magazine companies spend billions of pounds yearly on diet and exercise advertisements to include in their magazines, having their readers buy into body dissatisfaction through unrealistic imagery of women, accompanied by dieting and exercise information. Many years ago, Marilyn Monroe, being a size 14, was considered to have the “ideal” body shape and size. However, today’s standard is much smaller and as our society’s beauty ideal continues to shrink in size, body image within women continues to deteriorate. Magazines interpret and associate happiness with being thin; consequently having some women feel if they are not thin, then they are not happy. Meaghan Ramsey, a self esteem advocate, and also the Global director of the Dove Self-Esteem project, has a TED talk called ‘Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you’ (Ramsey, 2014). One of the first things she mentions within her talk is that ‘around 1000 people a month Google am I ugly?’ I have always felt strongly about this topic and how women are made to feel inferior for being themselves, but this this made me look at the culture of today in a whole new light. Advertising has a major part to play in the perception of the ideal woman; being a woman that doesn’t fit societies’
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