The Media 's Influence On Democracy

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The Media’s Influence on Democracy Media is an extremely popular tool of communication this most of the world use often. Media has many different forms that makes it easy for people to gain access to it. Media can be seen on used on internet site such as twitter and news websites, on television, radio, and newspapers. The public doesn’t have to look very hard to get in contact with some form of media. Media can be a powerful tool because of the involvement it has when many people’s lives. This is common knowledge though, the people working in media knows the influence it has on others and take advantage of that. People use the media to corrupt others, make money, and persuade the world to believe what they embed in their heads. Many examples of this had been done throughout history. It occurs during commercial ads when companies talk highly of their product/service in order to sell it, or companies will talk down on another company’s product to make theirs’ seem more appealing. This practice of corruption was used a lot during the 2016 presidential election. Media influenced or even brain washed most Americans into voting for the candidate that they embedded into their mind. “Political ads can help citizens understand candidates and issues. And to be fair, those who pay for ads should be easily identifiable as to their background and sources of funds. Unfortunately, deliberately misleading “secret money” groups are hiding behind generic and patriotic-sounding names while
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