The Media 's Influence On Gender Roles

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The media is a well-known, influential aspect on gender roles that broadcast negative messages to society through television by the images that are mainstreamed, which has an effect on people’s thinking process. Television brainwashes both men and women to believe they are not perfect, unless they have the body image of a celebrity. Though it is just a fantasy and not reality, “81% of 10 year girls are afraid of being fat, half of those girls believe they feel better about themselves when they were on a diet” (Reed 2016). The media paints a broad spectrum of ways it is stereotypical to not only just women, but men too. Women are pictured as a walking toothpick, while men are muscular. How can someone enjoy watching television when it is manipulating people’s lifestyle? We should not support the media when it is doing no good than harm. From advertisements to commercials, “it controls social life by invisibly transferring the dominant hegemonic ideology” (Wolska 2016). The media portrays many unrealistic stereotypes about gender, which often leads to not feeling acceptable in today’s world. Movies and TV shows dominate young people’s beliefs. A popular TV series of the 1990’s known as Friends, “Researchers found that watching a ten-minute segment of the show had a negative effect on how satisfied young women were with their appearance” (MediaSmarts 2016). Furthermore, the actress who plays Monica is shown overweight at a younger age for the audience to get a good kick out
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