The Media 's Influence On Media Essay

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Anthony Simmons Ms. Lusby English composition 12/1/2016 The Media 's Influence Can the media really persuade you into thinking a way about a person you have not even meet? The media can make influence you into thinking a certain way about some and also influence a choice that you could have to make about them that could change their life forever. To prove this I have researched into articles that could help me prove that the media can influence these things. First the media in the form of television can give you a biased opinion on how you view a crime that a person does. Kenneth Dowler has shown that “research indicates that there are mixed results regarding the influence of the news media on creating an attitude of fear among the general public” (Dowler). He is saying that when you watch a crime show on television it puts this idea that anyone accused of a crime is automatically guilty. Kenneth has also shown that “crime is portrayed on television as significantly more violent, random, and dangerous than crime in the real world” (Dowler). This can hurt anyone court case by someone already thinking you are guilty before presented the evidence. Next in some situation the media can do the opposite from making you think people are guilty for a predetermined idea. Connie L. McNeel has research that proves that majority of the people who live in the united states receive most of their knowledge of the criminal justice system through the media, and most believe that the system

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