The Media 's Influence On Politics

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“Social media 's influence in this presidential election is stronger than it has ever been” (Lang par.4). It is undeniable that this 2016 election has been greatly impacted by the media. Whether it be social media or the more traditional forms of media, the impact is colossal. Many would say that this is great, because politics are evolving and appealing to younger and younger people. A tremendous amount of people believe that the surprising and quite impressive success of Donald Trump and his whole campaign was credited to his clever way of using the free resources, like Twitter, that were at his disposal. I firmly believe that actions of the media have hurt not only this particular race, but politics as a whole; it will continue to happen as politics evolve. The negative effects of the media in politics outweighs anything good that has ever come from the media.

The Internet is what some would argue the greatest thing to happen to mankind. Unfortunately, the Internet does not have a filter on it. Whatever is put on the Internet stays there and is there forever. The Internet has a vast source of endless and for the most part good information, but for everything that is truthful there will always be those deceitful pages that hold nothing but nonsense. With this new generation being raised with the world wide web available at all times, many do not filter what they read, they do not check sources, they simply take everything as facts. So, with the Internet, people are…

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