The Media 's Influence On Society

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Growing up, children are predisposed to TV shows and literature that tend to shape/place ideas in their mind as to how relationships form and what a relationship consists of. The famous saying goes that opposites attract and it is never more prominent than in the media of today 's society. It is evident in various comic books, animes, cartoons, and well-known books acknowledged by people of different ages. Opposite attraction is shown in the media as a very natural and constant occurrence while this tends to get overexpressed it still holds some truth in everyday relationships. The media portrays relationships in such a way so that it grabs the audience 's attention and keeps them engrossed throughout the whole story wither it be fiction or non-fiction. The media sees opposites attracting because both of the character 's high points and low points in their personality tend to compliment the other (Opposites Attract, n.d). Having two characters who are opposites but attracted to each other also adds to the ‘will-they/wont-they ' scenario. This trope is where the relationship between two characters are held off for an extended period of time due to a variety of situations. It helps to keep the audience of their toes but more often than not the couple will get their happy ending (Opposites Attract, n.d). One of the more well-known examples of this is Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. Hermione is said to be the brightest witch of her age; she is intelligent,

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