The Media 's Influence On Society

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Are you comfortable in your own skin? As a result of spending too much time associating with the media can make you believe differently. While the media commence to advance and develop an incomprehensible factor, the appearance of civilization begins to mold and shape as a reflection to equally match. Despite the element of using false advertisement or infringement, society is charmed by the sense of exhilaration that is generated by the media. Yet civilization remain uncomprehending to the natural effect that the media leaves printed on them. The media is one of the largest and main sources to express ethnocentrism which leads to stereotyping, while intensifying and supporting the fact of self-consciousness. However society is partially to blame for the gossip and wrongful act of civilization in the media. Spreading injurious words and images to progress as an influential involvement in today’s society presents the media to be perceived as a distrusting figure. The media favors portraying different ethnic groups for society to view as displeasing. From spamming story constantly targeting these groups the word stereotypes begins to expand rapidly not just across the country but the world. Stereotyping is labeling a group based off of certain beliefs, such a racial profiling which can result in discouraging feelings in an individual. Leaving undesirable feelings on society the media is still used to support these unfitting acts. Providing civilization comical views of
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