The Media 's Influence On Women

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Throughout the course of history, pregnancy has been acknowledged through different societal views. In America, famous, wealthy women exposed their pregnancy to the whole world. Most celebrities do this through the use of media. The way media revealed child bearing is through nude photos of pregnant celebrities: mothers covering their breasts with one hand, while placing, or holding their baby bump with their other hand. Although many portrayed this act as innocent and beautiful, others claim it is immoral and wrong, believing women should reveal their pregnancy with respect to their bodies. In addition, it is evident that only a certain class, and race are exposed, which created controversy with media representation. The first issue of nudity sparked other magazines to issue women and their naked bodies. Authors of many articles compare media representations with societal views, while voicing their opinions on the inequality or representation of women in media. Throughout the years, the media has made it evident that women are a true gift to society. They did this through the use of photography; capturing mother’s baby bumps and exposing their beauty to the whole world. Before the nineteenth century, pregnancies were not publicized as mothers exposing their nude bodies. Instead, keeping their pregnancies hidden from the tabloids allowed women to maintain their bodies private as if the body was a treasure. This enabled women to not look sexual or promiscuous in society…

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